Kandy x Viking Puppies

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Kandy - Haydengold Kandy Kisses JW and Viking - Gembaek's Mixed Music to Summeramba JW

Born 24th August 2017 - 3 Girls and 1 Boy

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Just born 💝💝💝💙
Babies at 1 week...growing fast ❤️
Puppies at 16 days 🐾❤️
Kandy and her beautiful brood at 3 weeks 💝💝💝💙🐾
The babies at 22 days old...growing so fast ❤️🐾
Puppies have moved into their new accommodation, loving the extra space.... 26 days 😍
Miss Burgundy and our Boy puppy 💝🎉
Miss Pale Pink and Miss Pink 💝💝 26 days
Kandy and her gorgeous brood 26 days 💝💝💝💙
The babies are almost 5 weeks now...Girls nearest the front and our boy at the back...💝💓💖💙🐾
Almost 6 weeks...the girls chilling 😍🐾💝💕
Baby girls 💝 6 weeks


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