Show Results 2022

~~Our Show Team for 2022~~~


The Boys

Peri -  Haydengold One More Knight JW (Owned by F. Clark)

Bradley -  Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair JW  (Owned by P. Archer)


The Girls

Rumour - Haydengold Rumour Has it JW

Remy - Haydengold Time to Remember

Serena - Haydengold Gossip Girl JW  





4th December 2022

Midland Golden Retriever Club 

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs S Pounds-Longhurst

 Bradley - 2nd Junior Dog Class

Critique - Junior Dog, 2nd Archer’s Haydengold Just A Rumour At Sunandair JW - Lighter gold than 1 and well-developed framework for his 12 months. Can stand foursquare with a pleasing outline when he concentrates but I would prefer a little less body length overall. Good neck and set of neck, brisket depth and balanced angulation. Moved well with good width between his hocks when he was focused on maintaining a straight line. His boyish personality certainly made me smile!



3rd December 2022

Coventry and District Gundog

Open Show

Judge: Mr Scott Williamson

Serena - 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed



Critique - Puppy Bitch 1st List’s Haydengold Gossip Girl JW. Animated 12 month old who is maturing very nicely, should have a bright future. Not in the best of pale coats today but displayed a stunning clean balanced outline, attractive feminine head with dark pigment & eye, straight front legs & good feet, strong clean neck, excels in front angulation with a good amount of chest. Her front is nicely balanced with her rear quarters with correct amount of second thigh & straight rear pasterns. Good tail set & carriage. Moved very well with plenty drive & length of stride, although she can lower her head which can temporarily spoil her outline. Very well handled. BP & BB

Bradley - 1st Puppy Dog Class

Critique - Puppy Dog - 1st Archer’s Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair JW. Liked this young boy a lot. Litter brother to my puppy bitch winner. Super balanced outline. Happy boy with cheeky expression, dark pigment and eye, well off for bone. Straight front legs with well presented tight feet, good length of neck, correct shoulder layback & elbows well under the body, strong topline, impressive quarters with the correct amount of second thigh, super tail set. Moved well for his age, nicely presented mid gold coat.


6th November 2022

Berkshire Downs & Chiltern GRC

Championship Show

Judges: Dogs - Mrs Charmaine Ennis Van Maren (Ramchaine)

Bitches - Mrs Isobel Cuthill (Mousseglen)

Bradley - 1st Puppy, Novice & U/Graduate classes


** This gave bradley the final points for his


Critique - Puppy Dog - 1st Archer’s Haydengold Just A Rumour at Sunandair . Attractive well sized , well boned puppy. Good stride and carriage on the move. Good pigment. Dark eyes. Very much still a baby face. Strong, muscular neck of good length, set into superb well laid back shoulders. Strong level topline and tailset. Strong muscular loin. Good forechest. Excellent return of upperarm allowing forelegs to be set well under the body. Still needs to develop and deepen in chest. Strong, powerful, well angulated hindquarters, with strong hocks. BPD

Remy - 2nd Mid Limit Bitch Class

Critique - Mid Limit - 2nd List`s Haydengold Time to Remember, Sweet head and expression. Heavier built girl than first with super outline and dead level topline. Moved soundly with such drive. Would like to see her carry a few pounds less.

Serena - VHC Puppy Bitch Class


27th October 2022

Midland Counties CS

Championship Show

Judge: Mr Garry Golder (Summeramba)

Remy - 2nd Limit Bitch Class

Critique - Limit Bitch - 2nd LIST’S HAYDENGOLD TIME TO REMEMBER - Another bitch that filled my eye with her super movement. Smaller girl than one but had same attributes and I’m sure they will swap places in the future – again moved at one with handler.

Serena - 3rd Puppy Bitch class


26th October 2022

United Retriever Club

Open Show

Judge: Mr Marc Wheeldon (Cattnels)

Bradley - 1st Puppy Dog Class


 Critique - PD 1st Archers – Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair JW  - I really enjoyed going over this super puppy, at 10 months old he is filling his frame nicely and looking so balanced on the stand. Excellent front end, with good bone and excellent should placement, level topline whilst stood and held on the move. Correct tail set and well let down hocks. Had no hesitation awarding BPD


16th October 2022

Stroud & DCS

Open Show

Judge: Mr John Millward

Bradley - 1st Puppy Dog/Bitch Class

 Best Puppy in Breed, BEST of BREED


Critique - Puppy - 1st, Archer's Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair. This 10 month old boy took my eye upon entering the ring. Well proportioned. Good angles, bend of stifle just right. Shoulders well set back and good length of upper arm. Excellent forechest – solid looking from front. Adequate top line. Nice chiselled head. Good bone. Must have a promising future. Had no hesitation in not only awarding him BPIB and BOB. Delighted to hear he went PG3. 


12th October 2022

Gundog Society of Wales

Judges: Mrs Hilary Male (Bitches)

Mrs Susan Webster (Dogs)

Remy - 1st Mid Limit Bitch Class

Critique - Mid Limit Bitch:-1st List’s Haydengold Time to Remember - Balanced bitch with a feminine head and kind expres-sion, muscular neck into well laidback shoulders with corresponding return of upper arm, straight forelegs leading to cat like feet, deep chested, well sprung ribs, short in loin, well bent stifles, correct tail set, moved with purpose and drive.

Serena - 3rd Puppy Bitch Class

Bradley - 3rd Puppy Dog Class


8th October 2022

Mid Western Gundog

Open Show

Breed Judge: Miss Bekki Williams (Trebettyn)

Bradley - 1st Puppy Dog, BEST DOG

** Res BEST of BREED **

Critique - PD 1st Archers Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair. 10 month who caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Masculine head with correct eye and dentition. Good length of neck which leads into well laid shoulders and well boned, straight front. He has beautiful bone throughout and stands on tight catlike feet. For one so young he is balanced throughout with level top line and tail set. Hindquarters are well muscled with just the right amount of angulation. This enabled him to move around the ring so effortlessly & I was pleased to award him BPIB, BD & RBOB

Stakes Judge: Mr Bob Lane

** 1st Res BEST of BREED STAKES **

Critique - Reserve Best of Breed Stakes 1st Archer’s Haydengold Just A Rumour At Sunandair, Golden Retriever. A 10-month-old puppy with a lot of potential. He has a masculine head, foreface and skull equally balanced. Dark pigmentation and neat ears. He has a good reach of neck and equally well-set upper arm. He is level in top-line with a good tail-set and short coupled in body. Stifles well turned and he stands straight in back pasterns. He moved well and should have a bright future. 


1st October 2022

Walsall & District CS

Open Show

Judge: Wendy Manning (Overmarsh)

Bradley - 1st Puppy Dog/Bitch Class

Best Puppy in Breed & RBOB

Critique - Puppy - 1st Archer HAYDENGOLD JUST A RUMOUR AT SUNANDAIR. 9 month old dog who excelled in this class for his outline. Good balance in head with good eye colour and pigment, correct ear placement. Well off for bone. Angulation front and rear good. Nice length of neck to well laid shoulders. Well let down hocks, leading to neat feet. Moved well and tail carried well on the move. BEST PUPPY AND RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

Peri - 1st Open Dog & BEST of BREED 

Critique - Open Dog - 1st Clarke’s HAYDENGOLD ONE MORE KNIGHT. Typical dark gold colour 6 year old. Lots to like when going over this dog. Well balanced with good angles front and rear. Good heart room, deep in chest. Pleasant head with lovely eye colour. Well boned, Profuse in coat which perhaps detracted a little from portraying a cleaner outline. However, still a nice example of the breed. BEST OF BREED.


West Bromwich DCS

Open Show

Breed Judge: Mr K Groom  

Peri - 1st Open Dog class

Critique - Open Dog  1st, Clarke’s Haydengold One More Knight JW. 5 year old, masculine head shape of good type, dark kind eye, good pigmentation, pleasing neck with good shoulders and body depth, ribbing well sprung, back firm, well constructed hindquarters, plenty of bone for frame but not overdone, stood gave balanced outline, moved and shown well, in good coat and condition.


BIS Judge: Barbara Cherry (Shanand)

Bradley - 1st Jane Allman Memorial Puppy Stakes

Critique - AV JANE ALLMAN MEMORIAL PUPPY STAKES, 1st. Archer’s Haydengold Just A Rumour at Sunandair (Golden Retriever). A very well grown masculine boy who was balanced throughout, his head was well proportioned with sufficient width of skull, a good length of muzzle and well shaped dark expressive eyes with the darkest of pigmentation, clean muscular neck of a good length, well angulated front and rear, excellent deep firm well ribbed body with strong loin and muscular quarters, good bone and tight well knuckled feet, moved soundly covering the ground, this pup has a lot more to come.


25th September 2022

GRC of Northumbria

Open Show

Judge: - Mrs Carol Oldring (Flaxengold)

Serena - 1st Puppy & Novice Classes


 **** This gave Serena the final point for her 


Critque - Puppy B 1st. List’s Haydengold Gossip Girl I have admired this lovely puppy from the ringside, sweet feminine head, dark eye and pigment. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Level topline, lovely pale coat. Good front and rear angulation. Once settled she moved true. Happy to award her Best Puppy In Show BPIS



24th September 2022

Northern GRC

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Dawn Youngson

Serena - 1st Puppy, Maiden and Novice Classes



Critique - Puppy Bitch - (11-2a) 1st List’s Haydengold Gossip Girl -Super quality 9 month old bitch ,feminine head with dark eye, excels in balance from head to toe, excellent reach of neck which flows onto level topline, correct tail set, good front and rear angulation , moved with drive , presented a lovely picture. BP & BPIS



18th September 2022

Sheringham & DCS

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Linsey Wedge (Riverscharm)

Judge: Mr Bill Browne-Cole (Group & BIS)

Serena - 1st Puppy Dog/Bitch Class, 1st AV Gundog Puppy

Best Puppy in Breed

*** Gundog Puppy Group 1 & Res BEST PUPPY IN SHOW ***

Critique - AV Gundog Puppy-  1. List. Haydengold Gossip Girl. Golden Retriever. Promising youngster. Loved her head and eyes. Correct front and rear. Good topline, loin and depth. Moved so well both ways. Should do well. BP, Gundog Puppy Group 1. RBPIS. 

Bill Browne – Cole



11th September 2022

Southern Golden Retriever Society

Open Show

Judge: Mr Karl Gawthorpe

Serena - 1st Puppy Bitch Class

* Res Best Puppy Bitch *

Critique - Puppy Bitch 12 (2 abs)1st List’s Haydengold Gossip Girl – lovely feminine girl with the sweetest of heads and expression, good length of neck flowing nicely into well laid shoulders, correct construction both front and rear, good depth of chest and spring of rib, firm top line and firm loin, developed second thigh, standing well on good bone and feet, moved with ease around the ring



Richmond Dog Show

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Sue Riley (Wyloh)

Remy - 1st Limit Bitch Class

Critique - Limit B (23,3a) This class was exceptional with many bitches going cardless. 1st. List’s Haydengold Time To Remember, this bitch really had to pull out all stops to win this class. A quality bitch presented beautifully in excellent coat and condition. Very feminine head with soft expression, good reach of neck excellent layback of shoulders, good angulation front and rear, short coupled, on the stack her outline was delightful, well off for bone, moved soundly with drive.

Serena - VHC Minor Puppy Bitch class


4th September 2022

City of Birmingham

Championship Show

Judges:-  Dogs - Susan Wharfe (Gracewood)

Bitches:-  Sandra Magson (Castlegolden)

Serena - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, 2nd Puppy Bitch classes

Bradley - 1st Puppy Dog, 3rd Minor Puppy Dog classes

Critique - Puppy Dog - 1st Archer’s Haydengold Just A Rumour At Sunandair - I liked this puppy very much in the minor puppy class, but unfortunately he took a dislike to the floor surface. Thankfully his movement was much more confident in this class. Lovely balanced head with kind expressive eyes. Good reach to neck into well laid shoulders. Correct angles front and rear with good width to second thigh. Well off for bone, hocks well let down.

Remy - 3rd Limit Bitch Class


 29th August 2022

Leicester and District CS

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Jenny Clarke (Sunnyoak)

Serena - 1st Puppy Dog/Bitch Class

** Best Puppy in Breed ** 



27th August 2022

Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club

 Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Catherine Collins (Erinderry)

Serena - 1st Minor Puppy, Puppy, Maiden,

Novice and Undergraduate Bitch Classes

Best Puppy Bitch & ** BEST PUPPY IN SHOW **

Critique - MPB - 1st List Haydengold Gossip Girl. What a beautiful puppy, so well balanced for her age. Presented in gleaming coat and in good hard condition. Gorgeous head and expression. Clean neck flowing into well placed shoulder. Good length of upper arm, strong topline, level tail set, good depth of rib. Good bone and neat feet. Moved with drive. Pleased to award her BPB and with co judges agreement BPIS

Remy - 2nd Mid-Limit Bitch Class

Critique - MLB - 2nd List Haydengold Time to Remember Another quality bitch in excellent coat and condition. Nicely balance head and kind expression. Strong level topline and tailset. Excellent spring of rib, short coupled. Strong neck leading to well placed shoulder. Excellent bone and feet, Moved with drive. 



18th August 2022

Welsh Kennel Club

 Championship Show

Judge: Mrs J Ward

Serena - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch Class

 Critique - MPB 1st List’s  Haydengold Gossip Girl 8 months old baby who has a very pretty head, dark eye, soft expression and good pigment. Good length of neck into good lay of shoulder. Straight forelegs well boned and good tight feet.  Ribs nicely sprung for her age with a good depth of chest.  Good angulation fore and aft, very sound on the move placing feet correctly with a good length of stride. 

2nd Puppy, Maiden, Novice & Debutante Bitch Classes

Bradley - 2nd Minor Puppy, 3rd Puppy, 2nd Maiden & 

1st Debutante Dog Classes

Critique - MPD - 2nd Archer’s Haydengold Just A Rumour At Sunandair. Another super baby who is maturing nicely, typical in outline, he has a gentle expression. Good bone, balanced quarters fore and aft, excellent body proportions for age, strong top line, presented in good coat texture, moved very well, at maintained his top line at all times, it was a close decision between 1 & 2, I just preferred the head of the winner. 

Remy - 3rd Graduate Bitch 



14 August 2022

Bournemouth Canine Assoc

Championship Show

Judge: Vicky Clarke-Gear

Remy - 1st Graduate Bitch Class

Critique - GB 1st List’s Haydengold Time to Remember – One I have admired before, lovely to have the opportunity to judge her , hands on, she does not disappoint. Presented in mid gold coat, well prepared gleaming in the sun. Classic head, well-constructed throughout, super neck length, level topline and strong well developed hind angles. Moving around the ring on a easy stride.

Serena - 2nd Minor Puppy 3rd Puppy Bitch Classes

Critique - MPB - 2nd List’s Haydengold Gossip Girl – Blonde baby, built on larger lines, beautifully constructed, loved her head, with the darkest of pigment, very feminine. Moved very well with a good length of stride, keeping her body shape. Another to watch for the future.



10th August 2022

United Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Kathy Moores

Bradley - 1st Minor Puppy & 1st Maiden Dog Classes

Critique - MPD -1st Archer's Haydengold Just A Rumour at Sunandair;  Nicely matured for age with a pleasing, typical outine. Well balanced head & good pigmentation; Nice bone, excellent length of shoulder and good forechest for age together with good depth of chest. Good bend of stifle & correct topline; Nice coat texture; Moved well coming and going.


7th August 2022

National Gundog Association

Championship Show

Judge: Penny Gaylor

Remy - 1st Graduate Bitch Class

Critique - Grad B - 1st List Ms L Haydengold Time To RememberComing back into mid gold coat this 2 ½ year old presented a lovely outline. She has a pretty head, dark eye and nose and typical Golden expression. She was well off for bone and had nice cat like feet. Well ribbed she had a level topline. She had equal length of shoulder to upper arm and a matching bend of stifle – which enabled her to move round the ring on a long free stride – she was the best mover in the class.

Serena - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch Class


17th July 2022

Evesham and District CS

Open Show

Judge: Christine Prowse

Serena: 1st Puppy Bitch Class

** Reserve Best of Breed & Best Opposite Sex **

Critique - Puppy B - 1st List's, Haydengold Gossip Girl,  7 month old cream bitch. She has a feminine head with kind expression which was enhanced by her lovely black pigmentation. Level topline with well sprung ribs. Sturdy front with correct length of shoulder together with close fitting elbows. Correct front and rear angulation which she used to move around the ring. She carries a beautifully groomed cream double coat and on the day she presented a very balanced picture. Best Bitch and Best Bitch Puppy.



9th July 2022

Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judges: Ruth Turner (Dogs),

Penny Gowland (Bitches)

Bradley - 2nd Minor Puppy Dog Class

Critique - MPD 2. Archers Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair, Loved this puppy who just wasn’t showing his best today. Liked his size and bone, very much the shape I look for. His head still has some developing to do, but he is well constructed and balanced. Good strong neck and level topline. His rear movement was a bit loose today, but he was reaching well. Close decision between these puppies.

Serena - 4th Minor puppy Bitch Class



7th July 2022

East of England AS

Open Show

Judge: Liz Hallgarth

Bradley - 1st Puppy Dog/Bitch Class

        ** Best Puppy in Breed **

Critique - Puppy 1st. Archer’s Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair. What a lovely start to judging these classes. Well mature male Lovely head and expression, good reach of neck onto balanced front. Deep chest, straight topline good bone and tight feet, correct coat, good muscle tone for one so young. moved with drive and purpose.BPIB



2nd July 2022

Berkshire Downs & Chilterns GRC

Open Show

Judge: Miss Katie Kelly

Serena - 1st Minor Puppy & 1st Puppy Bitch classes

Best Puppy Bitch & *** BEST PUPPY IN SHOW ***

Critique - Minor Puppy Bitch : 1st. List Ms L : Haydengold Gossip Girl. This puppy is just right for her age. Most beautiful head with dark eye and pigment. Good length of neck into well placed shoulders. Dead level topline and tailset, with tail carried level on the move. Good front and rear angulation, not overdone in anyway. Straight front legs and super cat feet. Good bone and moved really well, will love to watch this girl grow. Best Puppy In Show

Rumour - 1st Open Bitch Class

Critique - Open Bitch : 1st. List Ms L : Haydengold Rumour Has It JW. Gold girl, who while not in the best of coat, is so pleasing to the eye. Excellent front and rear quarters, good depth of chest, short coupled, level topline and tail carried level on the move

Bradley - 2nd Minor Puppy Dog class

Critique - Minor Puppy Dog 2nd. Archers Miss P : Haydengold Just a Rumour at Sunandair. Another lovely puppy in good mid gold coat. Nice head with excellent pigment and a kind expression. Good length of neck, good top line and good tail set with a wagging tail. Good lay back of shoulder but would prefer more upper arm and forchest to balance the excellent rear angulation. Moved with drive.




12th June 2022

Three Counties Agricultural Soc

Championship Show

Judge - Mrs Julie Williams

Bradley - 1st Minor Puppy Dog class & ** BEST PUPPY DOG **

Critique - MPD - 1st,  Archer’s Haydengold Just A Rumour At Sunandair NAF beautifully balanced young man of just 6 months, he has such a lovely head and melting expression, level topline, super tailset, deep through the chest, good spring of rib, ample bone and good feet. Very well schooled pup shown freestood and moved so well. BPD

Serena - Reserve Minor Puppy and Puppy Bitch Classes




11th June 2022

Newmarket and DCS

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Paulina Gorman

Serena - 2nd Puppy Class

Critique - Puppy -2nd . List’s HAYDENGOLD GOSSIP GIRL Another cream young lady and just over six months of age. Not yet as together as one, which is to be expected at this young age, but without a doubt she is so full of quality! There is a lot to like about her, including her feminine head, straight legs with super bone, tight feet and just as 1st, she has an excellent length of leg. Another one with a dead level topline and excellent reach of neck. She wasn’t as settled on the move and I think she needs a bit more time fully show herself off, however there is no rush, and I am sure she will be a shining star in the future.

Remy - 2nd Open Bitch Class 

** Reserve Best of Breed **

Critique - Open Bitch - 2nd List’s HAYDENGOLD TIME TO REMEMBER Another super bitch in this class and without a doubt the two winners could easily swap places at any other time. She is so well constructed with her super length of neck, pretty head with just enough stop, super layback of shoulder and firm topline. Just as 1st, she excels in length of leg and is as moderately angled. She has some maturing to do and more coat to grow, but I can honestly say she was one of the best movers today. I was truly spoilt in this class and not surprisingly this lovely lady went onto get RBOB.



5th June 2022

Ridding & DCS

Open Show

Judge - Josie Pretty 

Bradley - 1st Puppy Dog/Bitch Class 

  (** Best Puppy in Breed **)

Peri - 3rd Open Class



4th June 2022

Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria

Championship Show

Judge - Mrs Doreen McGugan

Serena - 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch Class, 4th Puppy Bitch class

    (** Crufts qualification 2023 **)

Critique - MPB - 2nd, List’s Haydengold Gossip Girl. Another lovely puppy enjoying her first show. Very confident, exactly as a baby should be, angulation correct with well developed hindquarters. Moved really well. Well presented.



22nd May 2022

Midland Golden Retriever Club

Open Show

Judge - Mr R Bott

Peri - 1st Limit Dog

Critique - LD 1st Haydengold One More Knight JW Good overall type, clean in outline with balanced proportions. I liked his head piece, super masculine expression enhanced by a kind eye. Clean neck into a well-placed shoulders. Good legs and feet. Body well made, ribs well sprung, level topline and tail set on well. Quarters well made, stifles well bent, in good condition. Covered the ground well in profile



3rd April 2022

Yorkshire Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judge - Mr T Willmitt

Remy - 2nd Limit Bitch Class

Critique - 2nd. List's Haydengold Time to Remember. Different type to the winner this young 2 year old has great quality and is very feminine. Attractive and soft in expression she has excellent angulation to front and rear, good reach of neck and level topline. Well conditioned with good spring to rib. She was elegant on the move and possesses good head carriage when covering the ground with ease.

*** This gave Remy her KC STUD BOOK NUMBER ***



2nd April 2022

Northern Golden Retriever Club (Show 2)

Championship Show

Judge - Miss Linsey Dunbar

Remy - VHC Limit Bitch Class



2nd April 2022

Northern Golden Retriever Club (Show 1)

Championship Show

Judge - Caron French

Remy - VHC Limit Bitch Class



13th March 2022


Championship Show

Judge - Lynn Walker (Gloi)

Remy - 4th Graduate Bitch class



6th March 2022

Eastern Counties GR Club

Open Show

Judge - Mrs K Little

Remy - 2nd Yearling Bitch Class

Critique - Yearling, 2nd List’s Haydengold Time to Remember. Close up to 1 and another well balanced girl. Beautiful head with a kind dark eye. Good length of neck and lovely angles throughout. Well let down hocks. Moved well and with drive. 




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