Show Results 2017

 ~~~ Our Show Team for 2017 ~~~

The Boys

Louis - Kerrien Bound for Glory at Haydengold JW

Keepa - SH CH Haydengold Keepa Secret with Garvin JW (Owned by F. Garget &  P. Morriss)

Peri -  Haydengold One More Knight (Owned by F. Clark)


The Girls

Kandy - Haydengold Kandy Kisses JW

Paris - Haydengold Say It With Love JW



12th November 2017

Burton on Trent KA

Open Show

Judge: Paul Anderson

Peri: 1st Junior & 1st Post Grad

Reserve BEST of BREED


 Y (4, 1) 1 Clark's Haydengold One More Knight. Lovely strong head into a well placed neck, lovely layback of shoulder, into a strong topline which he held on the move, he had lovely tight feet, movement was straight and positive. Well presented dog. Reserve BOB.


29th October 2017

Midland Counties

Championship show

Judge: Fiona Thurm

Peri: 4th Junior, 2nd Yearling


2 Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight. So pleasing on the stack, short coupled and with complimentary angles. Such a pleasing expression. Nicely boned with neat feet. Time should settle his movement. Well presented and handled. 


14th October 2017

Grantham & District Canine Society

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Sue Riley (Wylloh)

Peri - 1st Junior, 1st Yearling, 1st Post Graduate

​1st Open Classes 


(This gave Peri the final points for his  **JUNIOR WARRANT **) 



24th September 2017

Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club

​Championship Show

​Judge: Mr Alistair Scott (Largymore)

​Peri - 3rd Junior, 2nd Novice, 2nd Debutante

& 2nd Undergraduate Classes


ND (15,2)  2  Clarke Haydengold One More Knight, good outline on this mid gold, pleasing head with dark eye and good pigmentation reach of neck ok, well off for bone, lovely tight feet, depth and spring of rib good, well muscled rear quarters hocks well let down, moved ok. 



17th September 2017

Darlington Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Lynne Hennessy (Ritzilyn)

Peri - 1st Junior, 1st Maiden, 1st Novice

& 1st Undergraduate Classes


1 Clarkes. Haydengold One More Knight. Liked this masculine balanced young dog, not too much of anything but enough of everything. So easy on the eye, a good sized dog hard to fault, firm level topline good body, short coupled shown in nice midgold coat stands on strong bone.



26th August 2017

West Bromwich & Wednesbury DCS

Open Show

Judge: Doreen Smillie-Gray

Peri - 1st Junior, 1st Post Graduate


J (6,1) 1 Clarkes Haydengold One More Knight. Best moving dog in the class, moving with style and power. Good head and eye, good coat and depth. Well muscled and good angulation and feet. A tidy boy.



6th August 2017

National Gundog Association

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Catherine Collins (Erinderry)

Peri: 2nd Junior Dog, 2nd Maiden Dog


2 Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight. Different type to first, nicely balanced overall, in good coat and condition, excellent pigment, well chiselled head with kind  dark eye, short coupled, level topline, covered the ground with ease. 


August 2018

Bakewell Show

Open Show

Judge: Melissa Loverock (Lovissa)

Peri: 1st Junior dog/bitch


JD (2,1) 1 Clarkes Haydengold One More Knight. This boy had the most beautiful head and expression and was really appealing for his overall balance. Nice length of neck leading into well laid back shoulders with correct length of upper arm. Level topline which he held well on the move. Adequate bend of stifle for his age, short coupled and moved well considering the ground was so bad. Will watch him with interest as I'm sure he must have a bright future. 



11th June 2017

Ashfield & DCS

​Open Show


Breed: Nigel Small

Group: Doreen Smilie 

​Peri- 1st Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed,

** Puppy Group 1 **


Golden Retriever Puppy   1 Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight, a very handsome young puppy; an appealing clean outline standing four square. A kindly expressive face with balanced and well chiselled broad skull and correct scissor bite.  Well laid back shoulders. Good depth of chest and short coupled and good turn of stifle, moved well and was attentive to the handler, exhibited in excellent condition and I feel will go far in the future Puppy Group 1. 

Puppy Group Group 1 Golden Retriever. A handsome boy, quite eye-catching. Correct outline, great head, super strong neck. Level topline with tailset straight off the back. Moved so well. 
Mrs Doreen Hardie



3rd June 2017

Melton Mowbray & DCS

Open Show

Judge: John Taylor (Tannadice)

​Peri - 1st Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed


P (7,2) 1 Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight, very balanced young dog, dark eye with good pigment, level top line, good bone, good rear angulation, sound movement, 



21st May 2017

Coventry & DCS

Open Show


Peri - 1st Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed, RU Best of Breed

** Puppy Group 2 **


GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP: 2 Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight. Golden Ret. Well balanced young man with excellent bone and feet, straight front, well proportioned head with strong muzzle, firm neck, level topline, wide thighs with good muscletone, true moving on long stride. 

Daphne Bailey


16th April 2017

Derby Canine Society

Open Show

Judge - Karen Sanders

Paris - 1st Yearling, Post Graduate & Open Classes


(This win gave Paris her  **JUNIOR WARRANT **) 

(Subject to KC confirmation)



9th April 2017

North West Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judges: Joyce Hays (Dogs)

Alistair Scott (Bitches)

Peri - 3rd Puppy Dog

Kandy - VHC Mid-Limit bitch



8th April 2017

Wellingborough & District C. S.

Open Show

Judge: Tracey Ayling-Jones

Peri - 2nd Puppy Dog

 Critique: 2 Clarke’s Haydengold One More Knight, handsome 9 months mid gold dog, who has the most beautiful head with the softest of expressions, kind eye & well defined stop. He stands foursquare on good bone & feet, short coupled with good bend of stifle. He moved very well around the ring for one so young, another with a bright future ahead of him

Paris - 1st Junior class , 2nd P/Grad & 1st Limit Classes

Critique:  1 List’s Haydengold Say It With Love, well made, mid gold bitch with a balanced outline & plenty of leg length, looking very much the junior that she is. Lovely head with kind expression, excellent reach of neck into correctly laid back shoulders & good return of upper arm, level topline, straight when viewed from front & rear. Settled more on the move as she progressed through the classes.



1st April 2017

Northern Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judge: Teresa Ewart

Peri - 1st Minor Puppy Dog, 1st Puppy Dog 2nd Debutant Classes


Critique: MP (9) 1 Clarke’s Haydengold One More Knight, caught my eye for balance & shape with correct proportions & level topline. Liked his head, masculine, dark eyes, good pigment & kind expression. Straight front limbs, good bone, correct rounded feet which were nice to see. Decent lay of shoulder & bend of stifle, good length of ribcage, good width of loin. Straight rear pasterns of correct length. Sturdily made, in good condition & moved well in all directions.



25th March 2017

Scottish Breeds Championship Show

Judge - Mrs Dianne Rourke-Knight

Kandy - 4th Limit Bitch

Paris - VHC Junior Bitch



19th March 2017

South Western Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judges: Ann Falconer (Bitches)

Jean Griggs (Dogs)

Peri - 2nd Minor Puppy Dog & 3rd Puppy Dog

Kandy - 2nd Mid-Limit Bitch

Paris - 4th Junior Bitch


5th March 2017

Coventry and District Gundog Club

Open Show

Judge: Kerrie Kelly (Zenevieva)

Peri - 1st Puppy Dog and  ** BEST PUPPY IN BREED **

Paris - 1st Junior, 1st Graduate, 2nd P/Graduate 

and ** BEST BITCH **



4th March 2017

Wath & District Canine Society

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Pauline Archer (Sunandair)

Paris: 1st Junior D/B Class 

Critique:(4) 1 List’s Haydengold Say It With Love, 13 months mid gold bitch. Attractive head with soft expression. Very good reach of neck. Well laid shoulders with very good return & length of upper arm. Good depth of brisket. Liked her length of leg to height ratio. Good width of thigh but just needs to strengthen in hindquarters which should come with maturity.

2nd Post Graduate, 3rd Open classes



26th February 2017

Souther Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Lynn Hennessey (Ritzilyn)

Kandy - 2nd Mid-limit Bitch

 Critique: 2 List’s Haydengold Kandy Kisses, sound in all departments, rich gold of excellent construction. Super neck & shoulders, firm level topline, strong mover coming into new coat;

Paris VHC Junior Bitch 


19th February 2017

Matlock & District Canine Society.

Open Show

Judge: Miss Amy Sharp

Paris: 1st Junior D/B class 

Critique: J (6,3) 1 List’s Haydengold Say It With Love, headed a quality class, maturity gave this young lady the slight edge over 2 & 3, both of whom I also liked. Nevertheless, this 12 months mid gold bitch is well up to size but nicely made, whilst she left her fancy frock at home, this left little to the imagination – everything is there & in the right place & she should look very nice indeed when she is fully mature. She has a feminine head with a kind expression, into the best of front constructions with shoulders well laid back & equal length of upper arm which was well angled & has ample forechest, her rear angles correspond her front, but she just needs to drop into her frame a little. She moved out beautifully on lovely neat feet & covered the ground well with good reach & drive, holding a level topline at all times;

3rd Graduate D/B 



12th February 2017

Golden Retriever Club of Wales

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Pat Arnold

Keepa - 2nd Open Dog


5th February 2017

Berks Downs and Chilterns GRC

Championship Show

Judge: Sally Roberts

Kandy - 3rd Mid-Limit Bitch



29th January 2017

Stoke on Trent Gundog Club

Open Show

Judge: Mr Anthony Allen (Allenie)

Paris - 1st Puppy, 1st Junior and 1st Graduate


Group Shortlist

Critique: P 1 List’s Haydengold Say It With Love, I liked this bitch as she entered the ring & did not disappoint when I got my hands on her. A few days before her first birthday. She has a beautiful feminine head. Strong & clean through the neck, with correct lay back of shoulder. Still young & needs to drop in to her front, I liked her overall body shape, forechest good for her age, with an adequate spring of ribs. Correct length & depth of top loin, quarters well made well bent stifles, standing on well boned legs & neat feet, super level topline which she held on the move, leading on to a correct tailset. Fluid mover with a good action & was delighted to award her BP & BOB;



28th January 2017

Lichfield & D C S

Open Show

Judge: Harry Nelson (Byeways)

Paris - 1st Puppy Bitch, 1st Junior Bitch

and 1st Post Graduate Bitch




8th January 2017

Golden Retriever Club of Northumbria

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Pauline Leonard (Wynrita)

Paris - 1st Puppy Bitch, 2nd Junior Bitch


Critique: PB (7,1) 1 List’s Haydengold Say It With Love, a lovely type, quality throughout. Super head with well shaped eyes & correct earset. Lovely flow of neck into correct shoulders, level topline well bent stifles. Moved well,



2nd January 2017

Dukeries Gundog Club

Judge: Mr David Wilmshurst (Mandamey)

BIS Judge Mrs V Wade (Oldestone)

Paris:- 1st Puppy, 1st Junior and 1st Post Graduate

Best Puppy in Breed



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