Charity x Elliott Puppies

This page is dedicated to our Charity and Elliott puppies 

born on 20th June 2017

Babies at 2 days
4 Days young ❤️
Babies at 8 days, growing fast
We are 2 weeks old 💝
A little time out if the box...19 days old 💙💝
Babies at 3 weeks 1 day ❤️
First solid food...and loving it 😍
Babies getting very mobile, 27 days young 💙💝🐾
The babies are 4 weeks old today 🐾💙💝
Keeping cool in the heat on their Aussie cool mat 😅
Mr Blue, Mr Orange and Miss Pink at 5 weeks
Mr Red ❤️ 5 weeks
Miss Pink and Mr Aqua at 5.5 weeks


We are now located in


North West Leicestershire 

Mobile: 07873 602867

E-Mail: [email protected]