Ella x George Puppies

This album is dedicated to

puppies born 6th March 2012 to

Ella (Ch Chaleur Xtreme Makeover) and George (Ch Haydengold Power of One)

7 Girls and 3 Boys

Babies at 6.5 weeks
Miss Burgundy at 6 weeks
Miss Yellow at 6 weeks
Miss Pink at 6weeks
Miss Purple at 6 weeks
Miss Orange at 6weeks
Blue boy at 6 weeks
Aqua man at 6 weeks
Mr Green at 6 weeks
Very cute babies...5 weeks and 1 day :))
Miss yellow and her new friend:)
Babies at almost 5 weeks
Mr Green,Miss Yellow,Mr Blue & Miss Burgundy at 4.5...1st day outside:))
Checking out Mr Pelican..25 days
Ella and her babies 25 days...
Miss Purple & Miss Yellow at 22 days
Miss Orange & Miss Pink at 22 days
Aqua man & Miss Burgundy att 22 days
Mr Green & Mr Blue at 22 days
Babies at 20 days
Ella with her babies at 19 days old...growing fast
The boys at 17 days old
Sleeping peacefully at 17 days old
Ella and the babies at 16 days old
Babies at 15 days
Miss Orange, Mr Aqua, Miss Burgundy & Miss Red with pink toy :o) at 12 days
Babies at 9 days young:)
Growing fast at 6 days
Babies with new ribbons...boys are Blue, Turquoise & Green...the rest are girls...
Babies 3 days old
Just a few hours old...7 gorgeous girls and 3 handsome boys


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