Show Results 2016

 ~~~ Our Show Team for 2016 ~~~

The Boys

Louis - Kerrien Bound for Glory at Haydengold JW

Keepa - SH CH Haydengold Keepa Secret with Garvin JW (Owned by Freda Garget & Patrick Morriss)

The Girls

Aimee - Haydengold Amazing Grace (Imp Aus)

Kandy - Haydengold Kandy Kisses JW

Paris - Haydengold Say It With Love

​Charlotte - Haydengold Say It Like This


11th December 2016

Ladies Kennel Association

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Sandra Green (Sansue)

Keepa: 1st Mid Limit Dog

Critique: MLD (7,2a) 1 Garget & Morris’ Haydengold Keepa Secret with Garvin JW, quality boy with gorgeous head & expression.

Balanced outline with good front & rear angulation, short coupled. Moved truly;

Paris:  5th Puppy Bitch (24,3a)


20th November 2016

Burton on Trent Kennel Association

Open Show

Judge: Carol Oldring

Paris: 1st Puppy, Best Puppy in Breed,

Best Puppy Gundog Group (PG1)

Critique: P (6,1a) A lovely class of youngsters. 1 Haydengold Say It With Love, 9 months mid gold bitch in super condition,

beautiful head, good length of neck to well laid back shoulders, balanced throughout,

good bone & neat feet, level topline which she kept on the move. Pleased to see she went PG1; 



12th November 2016

Gundog Breeds of Scotland

Championship Show


Dogs:  Richard Stafford

Bitches: Mrs Sholz (Germany)

Louis: 2nd Post Graduate Dog

Keepa: 2nd Limit Dog

Paris: 5th Puppy Bitch



6th November 2016

Berkshire Downs & Chilterns GRC

Championship Show

Judge - Bitches: Gloria Gargan

Paris: 1st Puppy bitch, 1st Maiden bitch,

1st Novice bitch & 1st Undergraduate bitch



 29th October 2016

Midland Counties

Championship Show

Judge: Emma Archibald

Keepa: 1st Limit, Dog CC & SH Championship Title!!

Critique:  LD (19,5) 1 Garget & Morris’ Haydengold Keepa Secret With Garvin, masculine head & expression with

excellent dark eye & pigment.  Well angulated front with a good reach of neck leading into well placed

shoulders.  Good spring of rib & width of stifle.  Level topline, covered the ground with ease.

  Presented in excellent coat & condition. 

Delighted to award him his third CC;

Louis: 4th Graduate



12th October 2016

Gundog Society of South Wales

Championship Show


Dogs: Roy Maynard 

Bitches: Margaret Woods (Amirene)

Louis: 1st Graduate Dog

Critique: G (7,2) 1 List’s Kerrien Bound For Glory at Haydengold, this young lad was another who caught my eye & was pleasing to over.

Well turned out & presented in fine coat & condition. I liked his head with pleasing expression,

really good reach of neck, with straight front, good in shoulder placement & nice tight feet.

He has a level topline flowing through to a correct tailset, with a well made rear assembly.

His driving movement was both true & sound;

Paris 4th Minor Puppy Bitch



30th September 2016

Driffield Agricultural Society

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Pauline Barnes

Louis - 1st Post Graduate Dog

Critique:-  PGD (17,4) 1 List’s Kerrien Bound For Glory at Haydengold, eyecatching boy in super coat & condition,

kind head, good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement, deep in chest, moved well;

Paris - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch



25th September 2016

Easter Counties GRC

Championship Show

Judges: Miss Cheryl Bawden (Dogs)

Mr Jose Doval (Bitches)

Louis - 3rd Graduate Dog

Paris - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch (Cruft Qualification 2017)


24th September 2016

Northern GRC

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Penny Lane-Ridyard

Louis: 1st Post Graduate Dog

Critique: 1 List’s Kerrien Bound For Glory at Haydengold, a well made dog with a well proportioned head,

good reach of neck & level topline & correct tailset.

Standing he presented a pleasing balanced outline & he moved out well &

at one with his handler. He was well presented in profuse coat.

Paris 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch

Critique: 2 List’s Haydengold Say It With Love, a tight decision between 1 & 2,

& although this bitch is a little older she was not quite as grown up as 1 but I liked her a lot.

She is well made with a pretty golden coat & very balanced body.

Lovely quarters, straight back pasterns & neat tight feet.


18th September 2016


Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Carol Benson

Charlotte: 4th Minor Puppy Bitch


15th September 2016

Thame & Oxfordshire County CS

Open Show

Judge: Kerrie Kelly (Zenevieva)

Paris: 2nd Puppy D/B class


4th September

City of Birmingham

Championship Show

Judges: Mrs Lynsey Maynard (Dogs)

Mrs Su Jolly (Bitches)

​Keepa: 3rd Mid Limit Dog

​Louis: 4th Graduate Dog

​Charlotte: 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch


29th August 2016

Leicester City Canine Association

Open Show

Judge: Becky Johnson (Downstream)

Paris 3rd Puppy D/B Class (12 entries)


17th August 2016

United Retriever Club

Championship Dog Show

Judge Mrs Pat Taylor

Louis 4th Graduate Dog


14th August 2016

Bournemouth Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Pam Blay

Louis: 1st Graduate Dog

Critique: 1 List’s Kerrien Bound For Glory at Haydengold, he won the class on his free & effortless movement,

he looked stunning in profile with his correct head carriage & strong topline & well carried tail,

loved his masculine head & expression, well bodied with an excellent neck & shoulders,

he is balanced & quality, now I see who his sire is I can see why he appealed!

In excellent coat & condition, showed well to win a good class;

Charlotte: 1st Minor Puppy Bitch (Crufts Qualification 2017)

Critique: 1 List’s Haydengold Say It Like This, what a little poppet! Has so much going for her for she is beautiful,

so very typical for a Golden of her age, she is balanced & a lovely type,

in good coat for age which was well presented, such a pretty head & expression,

with lovely neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset & despite her age she moved well,

She made me smile for she appealed as a pup with lots of potential,

hope she fulfils this early promise for she has a lot going for her;


6th August 2016

Paignton Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Audrey Richardson

Louis: 2nd Graduate Dog

Critique: 2 List’s Kerrien Bound For Glory at Haydengold, well made dog with a dense coat.

Straight front. Well angulated & lovely bone & feet.

Masculine well proportioned head & lovely dark eye.

Strong hocks which he used to advantage on the move. Lovely type;

Charlotte: 4th Minor Puppy Bitch


3rd August 2016

Bakewell Open Show

Judge: Ms Carron Jenkins

Paris - 2nd Puppy D/B class


10th July 2016

East of England

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Pat Tuck

Louis 2nd Graduate Dog

Critique: 2 List’s  Kerrien Bound For Glory at Haydengold, very happy boy in lovely coat.

Nice head soft expression, good length of neck & level topline.

Short coupled with good ribcage, must not carry any more weight.

Moved out well on nice neat feet;


28th May 2016

Bath Championship Show

Judge: Marlene Sillence

Louis VHC Graduate Dog


22nd May 2016

Coventry & DKA

Open Show

Judge: Joan Dawes (Kensalroag)

Louis - 2nd Post Graduate


14th May 2016

Redditch & DCS

Open Show

Judge: Jane Eyeington

Louis 2nd Post Graduate


2nd April 2016

Northern Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show


Dogs: Mrs Sue Norris (Molestream)

Bitches: Mrs H Gripton

Louis: 2nd Yearling Dog Class

Critique: 2 List’s Kerrien Bound For Glory at Haydengold, lovely cream boy who was not

cooperating with his owner today. Masculine head with soft expression & lovely expressive eyes.

Quality bone & tight feet. Short in couplings & well made throughout.

Well muscled second thigh. Not in full coat today.

Moved with a good stride maintaining a level topline &

correct coming & going but not as steady as 1

Keepa: 2nd Mid Limit Dog Class

Kandy: VHC Graduate Bitch Class



11th March 2016


Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Hilary Lambshead

Keepa: 2nd Mid Limit Dog



28th February 2016

Southern Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Ann Hagger (Fairfield)

Keepa: 1st Mid-Limit, CC & BEST IN SHOW!!!

Best in Show line up



14th February 2016

Golden Retriever Club of Wales

Championship Show

Judges: Mrs P Edwards (Dogs) Mrs F Marshall (Bitches)

Keepa - RDCC & Reserve BEST IN SHOW!!

Louis - 1st Graduate Dog & 2nd Yearling Dog Classes

Critique: 2 List’s Kerrien Bound For Glory at Haydengold, close up to 1, not quite the coat condition,

short coupled balanced outline, when settled very sound mover with precise footfall.

Excellent forehand, good depth & spring of rib;

Kandy - 2nd Post Graduate Bitch Class

Critique: 2 List’s Haydengold Kandy Kisses, another eyecatching girl with coat of varying shades to a mid-gold.

Most pleasing type of correct balance & construction. Loveliest head & eye.

Good layback of shoulder giving correct angulation. Pleasing spring of rib,

strong & short coupled in loin. Correct tailset & hind angulation giving a super profile & free easy movement;



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