Show Results 2018

~~~ Our Show Team for 2018 ~~~

The Boys

Louis - Kerrien Bound for Glory at Haydengold JW

Keepa - SH CH Haydengold Keepa Secret with Garvin JW (Owned by F. Garget &  P. Morriss)

Peri -  Haydengold One More Knight JW (Owned by F. Clark)

Barney -  Haydengold Rock Star at Sunandair JW (Owned by P. Archer)


The Girls

Kandy - Haydengold Kandy Kisses JW

Paris - Haydengold Say It With Love JW

Holly - Haydengold Power of Love 

Rumour - Haydengold Rumour Has it JW




27th December 2018

Stourbridge & DCS

Open Show

Judge: Tina Williamson (Sandti)

Rumour: 1st Junior Class

** BEST of BREED **

** This gave Rumour the final point for her Junior Warrant!! **



9th December 2018

Golden Retriever Club

Open Show

Judge: Linda Cole (Rooksbury)

Rumour - 2nd Junior and Yearling Bitch Classes

Barney: VHC Junior Dog Class



2nd December 2018

Burton on Trent DCS

Open Show

Judge: Lesley Spa (Woodspa)

Rumour: 1st Junior D/B, 2nd Post Grad D/B

* Reserve BEST of BREED *



18th November 2018

Eastern Counties GRC

Championship Show

Judges: Dogs Lyndsay Maynard (Chinnordale)

Bitches Vicki Clarke (Ousedale)

Rumour: 3rd Junior Bitch, Reserve Yearling Bitch

Barney: VHC Junior Dog


10th November 2018

Walsall & Distict Kennel Association

Judge: Lillah Rea (Osrealin)

Barney: 1st Open Dog


4th November 2018

Berkshire Downs & Chilterns GRC

Championship show

Judges - Dogs Pat Taylor (Pandreft)

Bitches: Judy Gregory

Peri: 1st Graduate Dog

Rumour: 1st Under Graduate Bitch, 2nd Yearling Bitch

3rd Junior, Maiden and Novice Classes


25th October 2018

Midland Counties CS

Championship Show

Judge: Mr Derek Lade

Peri - Reserve Graduate Dog

Rumour - 1st Junior Bitch, 1st Yearling Bitch

** Reserve Challenge Certificate**



24th October 2018

United Retriever Club

Open Show

Judge: Richard Grimmett

Barney: 2nd Junior Dog


30th September 2018

Joint Golden Retriever Clubs

Championship Show

Judge: Jayne Storey (Rosenjay)

Barney: Reserve Junior Dog


29th September 2019

Northern Golden Retriever Association

Open Show

Judge: Caron Jenkins

Peri: 1st Post Graduate Dog

Barney: 2nd Junior Dog



20th September 2018

Thames Agricultural Show

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Lynn Bufton

Barney: 1st Puppy Dog & BEST DOG PUPPY!!

Peri: 2nd Limit Dog




16th September 2018

Golden Retriever Club of Wales

Open Show

Judge: Mr Gordon Hayburn (Radclyfehall) 

Barney: 1st Puppy Dog, 1st Junior Dog, 1st Special Yearling Dog

1st Graduate Dog


(This gave Barney the final point for his Junior Warrant!!)




2nd September 2018

City of Birmingham CA

Championship Show

Judge: Miss Cheryl Bawden

Barney: 2nd Puppy Dog, 2nd Undergraduate Dog

Critique: 2 Archer's Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair lots to like about this youngster whose outgoing personality was evident from his constantly wagging tail. Handsome head with gentle expression, super bone and feet. Nicely angulated both in front and in rear and he is well ribbed with a level top line. Not quite the coat or condition of winner and not so accurate on the move.

Peri: Reserve Graduate Dog




19th August 2018

Welsh Kennel Club

Championship Show

Judge: Mr John Thirwell

Barney: 1st Puppy Dog, 1st Maiden Dog, 1st Novice Dog

1st Debutant Dog - ** BEST PUPPY DOG **

Critique: PD (11,1) 1 Archer Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair. Promising puppy with refined head just right for age, dark eye. Lovely front assembly, legs and feet. Deep well ribbed body with plenty rear angulation. Moved soundly and in good coat BPD. 

Peri: 1st Graduate Dog

Critique: GD (4,1) 1 Clarke Haydengold One More Knight JW. Nice head with dark eye, Balanced well ribbed body with pleasing front and rear angulation. Carries a rough heavy coat which doesn't help his outline. Moved well.

Rumour: 2nd Puppy Bitch, 3rd Maiden bitch, 3rd Novice Bitch

2nd Debutant bitch

Critique: 2 List Haydengold Rumour Has It . Another promising puppy litter sister to BPD and similar qualities just not as mature and together as 1. Moved well. 



5th August 2018

National Gundog Association

Championship Show

Judges: Wendy Pickup (Blenstone) Dogs

Rachel Rains (Gunhills) Bitches

Barney - 1st Puppy Dog class, 1st Maiden Dog class,

1st Special Beginner Dog Class


Critique: (12, 1 abs) 1 Archer's Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair. 10 months old and shaping up really nicely.  Beautifully balanced, well made dog who surely has a promising future.  Attractive head with kind expression and ears set level with eyes.  Clean neck of good length which was well set on to correct shoulder placement and level top line, ideal tail set.  Straight front, good bone, strong pasterns, neat cat like feet.  Strong second thighs which have plenty of width, short hind pasterns which allowed him to drive round the ring.  Profuse mid golden coat, loved his attitude, he responded well to his sympathetic handler.  BPD and Best Special Beginner in Breed.  

NGA Winners line up - Dogs, Left to right, DCC, RDCC, BPD & BVD 

Rumour - 3rd Puppy Bitch class, 3rd Maiden Bitch class




28th July 2018

Heckington & District Agricultural Society

Open Show

Judge: (Breed & BIS) Mr Colin Ashmore (Buttermere)

Rumour: 1st Puppy Class & Best Puppy in Breed

* Best of Breed *

***** BEST IN SHOW *****


Critique: BIS was List's Golden Retriever Haydengold Rumour Has It. A really good quality young feminine bitch of 10 months, excellent quality, balanced shape & outline, very breed typical, well proportioned head & muzzle with lovely kind expression, sound construction with a free flowing, smooth powerful & well co-ordinated gait with good drive, this youngster shows excellent promise for the future & had no hesitation in awarding BIS & BPIS. 




28th July 2018

Leek & District Show Society

Open Show

Judges: Mr Mark Whitlock

AV Judges: Mrs Joyce Ryder & Mrs Susan Goodwin

Barney: 1st Puppy Class, BEST PUPPY in BREED

Critique: 1 Archer's Haydengold Rock Star. D. Mid gold dog well balanced head good reach of neck, well laid back shoulders, level top line, good deep chest, good bent of stifle, moved well, mature for his age, have placed this dog before, my Best Puppy in Breed.

1st AV Gundog Puppy, 1st AV Puppy Dog Classes

Critique: AV  PD Archer's Haydengold Rockstar At Sunandair (Golden Retriever). 10 month old puppy dog, shown in good coat, with a balanced head & expression, good pigmentation, well angulated front & rear, level top line, good tail set. Moved with confidence 




21st July 2018

Bakewell Agricultural & Hort. Society

Open Show

Judges: Mrs Wendy Reeves (Rheincroft)

Group Judge: Sussie Wiles (Richbourne) 

Barney: 1st Puppy Dog Class, Best Puppy in Breed,



Critique: 1. Archer's Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair. 10mths light gold dog, masculine head with soft expression, good pigmentation, straight front, lengthy neck into well placed shoulders, good bone and nicely ribbed up, in good coat and condition, moved well. BPD, BP, BD PG4



19th July 2018

Frecheville & DCS

Open Show

Judge: Mr D Worgan (Luthame)

Barney: 1st Puppy Class & BEST PUPPY IN BREED

Critique: P. 1 Archers Haydengold Rock Star at Sunandair. This 10 month old dog caught my eye immediately. He has a lovely head and expression with dark eyes. Good reach of neck and shoulder placement. Deep chest and ribs, short in coupling. Shown in good coat and condition and was well balanced throughout. Moved with a long free flowing stride. Pleased to award Best Puppy.


Rumour: 3rd Puppy class



15th July 2018

Peterborough & District Canine Society

Open Show

Judge: Mr Anthony Allen (Allenie)

Rumour: 1st Puppy Class, Best Puppy in Breed

* Reserve BEST of BREED *



Barney: 2nd Puppy Class, 2nd AV Puppy Dog Stakes



10th July 2018

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

Open Show

Judges: Breed Mrs Lorraine Tooth 

Group: Mrs Hazel Gripton

Rumour: 1st Puppy Class, BEST PUPPY in BREED 


Critique: P (7,3a) 1 List's Haydengold Rumour Has It. BP BIS 3. Beautifully presented puppy, loved the rich colour and texture of her coat, very pretty head good length of muzzle, balanced and in proportion. Good length of neck well laid back shoulders, firm topline and good tail set. Moved well front and rear. 

Peri: 1st Post Graduate Class

Critique: PG (3,1a) 1 Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight. Mid gold male beautifully constructed, handsome head and expression, well angulated front, good reach of neck, deep through the chest, good turn of stifle well let down hocks, moved with drive.

Holly: 2nd Junior Class, 2nd Yearling Class

Critique: (12,4a) 2 List's Haydengold Power of Love. Very pretty mid gold colour girl, shown in super coat and condition, loved her head and expression. Well balanced throughout with correct angulation front and rear, moved well but not as freely as No.1.

Barney: 2nd Puppy Class, 3rd AV Puppy Class

Critique: 2 Archer's Haydengold Rock Star at Sunandair. Litter brother to No. 1 - lovely balanced head with good pigmentation, well angulated front and rear with a level topline that held on the move, good bone and feet, in super coat and condition. Moved true and straight. 



1st July 2018

Wombwell & District Canine Soc

Open Show

Judges: (Breed) Mrs Charlotte Ayres-Cousins

(Group) Mr Graham Osbourne

Rumour - 1st Puppy class, Best Puppy in Breed, BEST OF BREED

*** GUNDOG GROUP 3 ***


Breed Critique: 1. List’s HAYDENGOLD RUMOUR HAS IT, Plenty to like about this 9 month bitch. Still maturing but full of promise and potential. Stunning head of correct proportions, great reach of neck, good well laid shoulder placement, plenty of depth to the chest, level topline and short coupled. Enthusiastic mover with correct tail carriage even in the heat of the day BP, BOB G3 PG2

Group Critique: 2. HAYDENGOLD RUMOUR HAS IT. Golden Ret. 9-month B. Super head and expression. Sufficient neck into well angulated front and bone. Good ribs in both length and depth, with strong coupling and good width over loin. Decent movement, just needs time to tighten.

Holly - 2nd Post Graduate Class

Breed Critique: . 2 List’s HAYDENGOLD POWER OF LOVE, Just over a year old this bitch just needs to strengthen in the rear and mature, she has the softest of expressions yet a strong head and muzzle. Neck clean and muscular, good depth to chest. See plenty of potential.



24th June 2018

Derbyshire County Show

Open Show

Judge: - Tina Westwood

Rumour - 1st Puppy Class, BEST Puppy in Breed

** Reserve BEST of BREED **

Critique: Puppy 1st List – Haydengold Rumour Has It. Mature for age, stood away in this class. Good substance throughout, strong level top line kept on the move. Neat feet with good bone and straight front. Pleased to award BP RBOB. 

Peri - 1st Post Graduate Class

Critique: Post Graduate. 1st Clarke – Haydengold One More Knight JW. Good forechest straight front, good bone on cat like feet. Well ribbed and muscled a little close behind.moved ok.

Barney - Reserve Puppy Class



20th June 2018

Cheshire County Show

Open Show

Judge - Mrs Ann Price

Holly - 1st Junior Bitch Class, Reserve BEST BITCH

Critique:  J (2) List's Haydengold Power of Love. Lovely mid gold youngster in good coat 12 months and just out of puppy today. Typical Golden head and expression. Good neck into correct layback of shoulder and upper arm. Good Straight back, short coupled, good turn of stifle. Moved well maintaining a level topline and waggy tail.  Pleased to award her my Reserve Best Bitch.

Rumour - 2nd Puppy Bitch Class

Critique: 2 List's Haydengold Rumour Has it. Mature 9 month old puppy, mid gold. Lovely head with dark pigment. Good front, neck, upper arm and lovely cat like feet. Short coupled. Level topline moved well. Well presented. Another lovely puppy with a bright future.



17th June 2018

Chepstow & DCS

Open Show

Judges: Breed - Steve Richardson

Group - Graham Hill 

Barney - 1st Puppy Class, BEST Puppy in Breed




Golden Ret Puppy 1st, Archer, Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair, lovely head shape and kind eye. Super body, deep chest and good spring of rib. Correct in topline and good angulation both front and rear moved well. Deserved BP BOB. 

GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP 2 – Archer’s Golden Retriever, Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair, an upstanding 9 month male who is well grown in bone and body. He has stature and is workmanlike in appearance and looks like he has the build to fulfil the breed function. Attractive head and well made in body with movement to match.




10th June 2018

Three Counties AS

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Jan Muncey

Rumour - 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch Class

Critique: 2. List's Haydengold Rumour Has It. Very nice youngster. Kind expression, level topline, moved freely with drive. Well presented.

Holly - 2nd Undergraduate bitch & VHC Junior Bitch Class

Critique: 2. List's Haydengold Power Of Love. Very good pigment, lacking a little in coat, good front, shoulder and rear angulation. Level topline which she held on the move.

Peri - 2nd Yearling Dog Class

Critique: 2. Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight JW. Nice head with super pigment, well off for bone, in good coat.



9th June 2018

Midland Golden Retriever Club

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Debbie Robbins (Brekswood)

Rumour - 1st Minor Puppy Bitch Class

Critique: 1st Lists – Haydengold Rumour Has It,  I think this lovely mid-gold bitch is nicely maturing for her (almost) 9 months of age. She has a lovely pretty head and appealing expression with dark eye and pigmentation. I admired her overall outline and level topline and thought her front and rear angulations were excellent. She moves correctly however I would like to see her lengthen in her stride.

Holly - 2nd Puppy Bitch Class

Critique: 2nd Lists – Haydengold Power of Love,  Another well balanced puppy, she has a very attractive head, pretty and with a soft expression. I thought she had a super outline and she maintained a level topline both when standing and on the move. She has a good reach on neck and good angulations. 

Barney - 3rd Minor Puppy Dog & 3rd Puppy Dog Class




2nd June 2018

Melton Mowbray & DCS

Open Show

Judge: Mr John Millward

Rumour - 1st Puppy, *BEST PUPPY in BREED*


Critique: 1 List Haydengold Rumour Has It, Beautiful 8 ½ month old bitch puppy. Outstanding in every respect. Substantial with magnificent bone but carrying no excess weight. Possesses all the necessary attributes but with no exaggerations. Very good shoulder placement, level top line and correct rear angulation. Glorious coat Best Puppy in Breed and RBOB. Expect to see her achieve high honours in the fullness of time. 

Peri - 1st Post Graduate Class



30th May 2018

Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society

Open Show

Judge: Becky Johnson (Breed)

Colin Woodward (AV Classes)

Rumour: 2nd Minor Puppy Class, 1st AV Gundog Puppy

Critique: AV Gundog P (2) 1 List Haydengold Rumour Has it Golden Retriever 8 months bitch with pleasing head shape, dark eyes giving a soft expression strong neck into well place shoulders with good upper arm, well off for bone on lovely feet, firm topline, moved out well with a good tail action

Critique: Golden Retriever. 2nd List’s Haydengold Rumour Has It. Well balanced with correctly proportioned head and soft expression. Well laid shoulder with corresponding return of upper arm. Level topline leading to correct tail set and well made hindquarters. Moved well - not quite as positive as the winner but could change places on another day.

Barney: 3rd Minor Puppy Class



27th May 2018

Shropshire Gundog Club

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Lynn Bufton (Bitches)

James Newton (Dogs)

Rumour: 1st Puppy Bitch, BEST PUPPY BITCH


Critique: P (4,1ab). 1 List's, Haydengold Rumour Has It. Liked the overall balance of this 8 month old puppy, correct for age, gentle expression with dark pigment, well laid back shoulder giving a good depth of forechest, well boned, nicely angulated front and rear, liked her powerful driving movement. BPB and in agreement with my co judge BP.



20th May 2018

Coventry  & District DCS

Open Show

Judge: Mr Mark Whitlock

Rumour: 1st Puppy Class & **BEST PUPPY IN BREED**

Barney: 2nd Puppy Class


 P 1. List's Haydengold Rumour Has It. Mid Gold Bitch nicely balanced head, well laid back shoulder, level top line good deep chest, good bent of stifle, moved well, quite mature for her age, my Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Archer's Haydengold Rock Star at Sunandair. Very similar Dog, balanced head, well laid back shoulder, level top, deep chest, good bent of stifle, moved well, not much between my 1st placing. 



19th May 2018

Redditch & DCS

Open Show

Judge: Jenifer Clarke

Barney: 1st Puppy Class  & **BEST PUPPY in BREED**

Critique: 1 Archer’s Haydengold Rock Star at Sunandair, lovely 8 mth mid golden boy.  Super bone, with good depth to chest, return of forearm & straight front.  Short coupled, lots to like. BP  



19th May 2018

Loughborough & DCS

Open Show

Judges: Breed - Mrs Christine Prowse

AV Classes - Colin Woodward

Peri: 1st Post Graduate & **BEST OF BREED**

Rumour: 2nd Puppy Class (Breed), 1st AV Gundog Puppy Bitch Class


PG 1 Clarke Haydengold One More Knight - Lovely masculine dog carrying a full rich gold coat. Handsome head and melting expression which was enhanced by super pigmentation. Deep and short coupled body. Super angulation front and rear and well off for bone. Moved with enthusiasm in the hot sunshine. BOB.

AV PB  1 List Haydengold Rumour Has it, Golden Ret 8 month bitch, head is good for shape & type strong neck into good shoulders well sprung ribs. The topline & tailset all combined to her flowing outline, Well angulated & muscled hindquarter which were she used to advantage in her sound movement.

2 List Haydengold Rumour Has It. 8 month old bitch carrying a rich gold coat and another one with a sweet head and soft expression. Dark eyes and nose with super neck leading into level topline. Has good front angulation and upper arm. Short coupled girl with mature body.  She has good rear angulation and second thigh, although I would like a little more length in rear leg to complete the picture. Moved very positively around the ring and again rear movement needs to settle down. 




12th May 2018

Birmingham Dog Show

Championship Show

Judge: Diane Stewart-Ritchie

Barney: 2nd Minor Puppy Dog, 2nd Maiden Dog,

2nd Novice dog

Critique: 2 ARCHER, Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair. Really nice type and once again well developed in quarters with a very pleasing forehand also. Pleasant head with good expression. Deep ribs going well back to short loin. Level topline with good tailset. Moved with good attitude.

Rumour: 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch



6th May 2018

Golden Retriever Club of NOrthumbria

Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Mandy Petts (Rumwood)

Rumour: 2nd Minor Puppy bitch (Crufts 2019 Qualification)

VHC Puppy Bitch & VHC Maiden Bitch

Critique: 2 List Haydengold Rumour Has It. Different type to 1st , but equally well balanced bitch with super head and pigment, carrying a profuse coat, super bone and lovely neat feet, just  preferred the hind movement of the 1st. 



29th April 2018

West of England Ladies KS

Chapionship Show

Judges: Bill Orzel (bitches)

Anne Orzel (Dogs)

Barney: 3rd Minor Puppy Dog

Rumour: 4th Minor Puppy Bitch



22nd April 2018

Birmingham & District Gundog Club

Open Show

Judge: John Newsham

Peri: 1st Post Graduate, **Reserve BEST OF BREED**

Critique: PG (8, 4) 1 Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight JW. Mature male, balanced head with good eye set, good bite, good muscular length of neck, forelegs straight with good bone, shoulders well laid back, balanced in body, ribs deep and well sprung, very muscular in hindquarters, moved with style with a powerful drive and long striding. Very well handled. RBOB.  



14th April 2018

Wellingborough & District CS

Open Show

Judges: Senga Beck (Dogs)

Karen Little: (Bluebraes) Bitches

Group Judge: Jane Eyeington

Barney: 1st Minor Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed &


Critique: MPD (4,1) 1. Archer's Haydengold Rock Star at Sunandair, this puppy caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring, beautiful golden 7 month old super happy puppy who stood four square from any angle and created a lovely balanced outline. He had a good front which allowed his feet to be placed well under and was well off for bone. I am sure this puppy will have a very bright future. BPD and in agreement with my co judge BP 

Critique - Gundog Puppy Group 3.  Archer Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair (Golden) Another at only 6 months and belying his age. Like him for his overall size, substance and masculinity. Holding a balanced outline on the stack. He has a lovely head and dark gentle eye. He is well developed through the body, and pleasing hindquarters. Moved out purposefully.

Rumour: 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, 1st Puppy Bitch &

Best Puppy Bitch

Critique: MPB (7, 1) 1 List's Haydengold Rumour Has It.  Loved this puppy.  She has such a pretty head with the most melting dark eyes.  A great reach of neck flowed onto well laid back shoulders.  She has a super front with the most lovely tight cat like feet.  A lovely topline with good tail set and good rear angulation completed the picture. Super bone.  Moved the best in the class.  Best Puppy Bitch.  My co-judge and I later found out that we awarded her litter brother Best Puppy. Two fantastic puppies who have a promising career ahead of them. 

Peri: 1st Post Graduate Dog Class

Critique: PGD (7,3) Clark's Haydengold One More Knight JW, Compact short coupled boy, shown in lovely golden coat, good front and excellent turn of stifle, well laid back shoulders and nice tight feet, moved well and with drive.



7th April 2018

Northern Golden Retriever Club

Championship Show

Judges: Dogs - Briony Athey (Ninell)


Barney: 2nd Minor Puppy Dog Class (Crufts 2019 Qualification)

Critique:  2  Archer's Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair. Sweet boy shown free and waggy in a lovely wavy coat. Straight front and well placed feet, level topline and tailset. Overtime will settle into his movement giving a cleaner flow on the move.

Rumour: VHC Minor Puppy Bitch Class

Peri: VHC Yearling Class



3rd April 2018

Eastwood Kennel Association

Open Show

Judge: Alistair Moss (Ewtor/Davigdor) 

Rumour: 1st Puppy class & BEST PUPPY IN BREED

Critique: P 1 List's Haydengold Rumour Has It. Very immature but a quality specimen. Nicely proportioned head for age with a good length of clean neck well placed in to nicely laid shoulders. Fore quarters have a good return of upper arm and straight legs. Depth is good for age with a good spring of rib. Good bend of stifle with nice hind quarters in general. Moved well once settled, BPIB.

Barney: 3rd Puppy class

Peri: 1st Yearling Class

Critique: 1 Clarke, Haydengold One More Knight JW. Nicely balanced dog with a good head neck and shoulders. Good depth of body with a good length and spring of rib.  Good solid bone with a good hind quarter angulation. On the day won the class partly based on his maturity but in the future the first two could easily change places.



1st April 2018

Mansfield & DCS

Open Show

Judge: S. Richardson (Carlequin)

Barney: 2nd Puppy Class

Critique:  2. Archer, Haydengold Rock Star At Sunandair, another very nice puppy kind in eye, super neck, lovely balance to him when stacked, super topline, in lovely condition and coat, promising baby. 



31st March 2018

North Lincoln Dog Club

Open Show

Judge: Miss K McGugan

Rumour: 2nd Puppy Class



30th March 2018

Edwinstowe & DCS

Open Show

Judge: Diane S Wells

Rumour: 1st Puppy, BEST PUPPY IN BREED & 




14th February 2018

United Retriever Club 

Open Show

Judge: Trevor Willmitt (Goldenmill)

Peri: 1st Yearling Dog

1st Graduate Dog

Critique: YD (4, 3) 1. Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight JW. Although standing alone in the class this well filled out golden boy of 19 months gave a good account of himself in both this and the following class. His masculine head is set on a good length of neck and correct shoulder. Short coupled and deep ribbed, he clearly enjoys the show environment as his level tail was active both when free stood and as he moved with enthusiasm and good length of stride. GD (3) 1. Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight JW



13th January 2018

Worcester & Malvern DCS

Open Show

Judge: Mrs Carol Oldring

Holly: 2nd Puppy bitch class

Critique: 2 List's Haydengold Power of Love. 7mths. Very similar to 1 in type and construction as they share the same sire. Sweetest of expressions, dark eye, good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, level topline, lovely cat like feet, moved out well for one so young. These two will change places many times I am sure. A good future ahead for them both. 



7th January 2018

Dukeries Gundog Club

Open Show

Judge: Ian Jones (Ladrow)

Peri: 1st Special Yearling, 1st Post Graduate

**Reserve BEST OF BREED**

Critique: SPY (4:1) 1 Clarke's Haydengold One More Knight JW. Well chiselled broad  head,  ears set level with eyes giving a lovely head, deep and wide in chest  elbows well tucked in, excellent double coat, moved with drive. 

Holly: 3rd Puppy Class 







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